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What's More mean?

It can be everything else we have in the store for materials beyond kitchens & floors, but that is not what it truly means to us.

To us, the More is the fact that we handle arranging everything. It is Devon coordinating installers, materials, and subs to arrive at your project on time. It is our designers, Carrie, Dave, Nicole, and Derek, going to your home and asking how you use your kitchen to create a space that you can love. It is us hearing what you want, but discussing with you what challenges may occur and reworking the room to work better for you. It is all of us walking around the store together, carrying samples up and down the stairs, to make sure that all of the elements go together. It is Carrie giving a long time customer a hug when they come in for their next project. It is Brandie greeting you by name when your job was done several months ago. It is the team answering the questions the other guys can’t.


It’s all of us building that trust with you, the customer, during what feels like one of the most stressful things you have ever done. We are honored to do More for your décor.

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